It is said that man is God.

Then why’re Him and I so different?

The answer lies somewhere around the time of the dawn of creation.

The Hindus say that in the beginning there was intelligence.

Pure and formless for the lack of a medium.

A medium for sensual manifestation that is.

And so out of intelligence came ether.

From ether air; from air fire; from fire water; from water the earth and so on.

Now electrons make up everything but something makes up the electrons.

And that something is pure energy, manifesting in the shape of a string.

And all physical creation, all matter whatsoever, is but a complicated arrangement of these strings.

And that’s the unified theory.

Now what’s the difference between the root of the tree and the fruit of the tree?

Only one.

The arrangement.

The process.

The route of the flowing energy.

Now if we’re to ask what Harvard is, who is to say what?

The first batch of students and the faculty are long gone.

So then Harvard must be a process.

A way for things to happen.

A way to teach, to learn, to behave.

Much like this painting I once saw of a court in session, with the judge, defense, prosecution and so on. All of them headless. Just bodies with their respective uniforms and positions in the room.

Portraying the flux of the subjects, and the consistency of the objects.

So we understand that each process has its aspects.

And it does not work without a quorum.

And although the processes are complete and objective, the actors playing the aspects are not.

That is how the universe works.

Like a nation's economy.

Which is the sum total of all its transactions.

And that’s the essential difference.

The fruit tree is a process of which bearing fruit is an aspect.

And the origin of this process lies in the intelligence that taught the seed to manipulate its environment and grow.

And this is the same intelligence that also created its environment.

And so we realize that the intelligence behind every process is the same.

And the material it uses for all of its construction is also the same.

And the intelligence built everything, including the material it uses to build.

And thus it is present in all creation.

All is but a manifestation of the same.

Each creation is but an aspect of the process that is the universe.

And that is of course better understood when seen with the knowledge that even the aspects are a process themselves.

And so that’s that.

Now the reason behind our ignorance of all this is perspective.

Though God made man in his own image, He instilled in each a sense of ‘I.’

I, myself.

And this makes each man an observer.

Though each man being a part of God, he appears to be a unique vantage point.

Thus establishing the Buddhist explanation of ‘maya,’ which is along the lines of the fact that the universe is relative.

It isn’t necessarily for me what it is for you, because we are all positioned differently.

And thus there is no one explanation of the universe, there are many.

And the correct one is all of them put together.

As mentioned in Primrose chapter zero, there cannot be a sound without a listener.

And just that way, there cannot be a Universe without an observer.

And so just how the economy is the sum total of all transactions, the universe is the sum total of each perspective.

Now again each observer is a unique aspect of God.

Whom by now should be clear is intelligence.

And so each man serves not only as a vantage point, but also a filter.

Each of us interprets each thing in our very own way, depending on the filters we have developed and those that are inherent.

And so the sum total is objective as well as subjective.

God being the sum of both.

Therefore we’ll find that men who’ve re-become God, have managed to become all men.

And not just men but the creation as a whole.

There is a story in the Mahabharat about the God Krishna, who upon receiving food from Draupadi, not only vitalizes His own body, but the entire world.

And this goes to portray the most important aspect of becoming God in the human form, which is to be connected to all of creation to such a degree that any change in the body results in a corresponding change in the whole world.

And that’s that.

Now the act of becoming pure working intelligence again requires the mental distillation of your body, to the degree of the string, by which you connect yourself again to the entire world, for all of the universe is made of the same material which is seamlessly interconnected.

But that’s not the focus here.

The focus here is to understand that the fundamental difference between God and man is that each man is an aspect.

A part of the whole.

The kind man is an aspect, as is the hateful.

Even if it is the same man.

All is a part of the Divine, thus all is Divine.

But then how do we re-become God?

The way digital screens portray color is by dividing the screen into individual pixels.

Each pixel has three colors, red, blue and green, and each of them is assigned some space to receive data specifying the color shades.

Now a byte means 8 bits, which is 8 spaces for there to be a value that can be represented in 0 and 1 and so in a 32 byte capability computer, each color in each pixel can have 256 possible values.

Which are different shades of green, red and blue each.

Now to get a pixel to show black, all three shades are set to 0.

If I want it to be green, I’ll set green to be 255, the maximum since 0 is also a number in computing, and set the data for blue and red to 0.

How then does a pixel show white?

It's done by setting the values for all three colors to be 255.

And enlightenment is rather similar.

Men are encouraged to accept all and when they seem to do so, they unanimously claim to have seen white light.

And that’s equivalent to containing all colors.

Now God does not do the work Himself.

There an agent for it. Om.

The Chinese call this the Dao.

The Christians, the “Word.”

“In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Now the white light enlightenment seems to be the first enlightenment.

The second and more profound enlightenment, where we become the actual Supreme, is actually when it all gets dark.

Because before the physical universe began, there were no colors.

And white is a color and black is essentially the absence of colors.

And so as we disconnect ourselves from the working whole, and retract ourselves back into the absent whole, we’re essentially going a further step back, and going to a place before places.

Rather a placeless place.

Where there’s intelligence without a base.

Only intelligence.

And so that’s how we become God.

Hari OM.

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