Chapter Zero: Pilot

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

There’s this saying I find quite funny that goes something like,

“‘Kindly let me help you or you will drown,’ said the monkey, putting the fish safely up a tree.”

It's about the fact that the world is a challenge of perception.

And we would like to perceive correctly, and that's what this is about.

So we'll start with the nature of perception.

Just how every magnet has two poles, yet is still one magnet, things appear to be different, but they are the same.

Now this force, that connects black with white, left with right, right with wrong, good with bad, and all that was revealed to Adam and Eve by that apple, is mysterious, but it’s there.

This idea that we are somehow separate from our environment, that there's really a ‘you and I,’ is a misperception, which creates with it all that there is, and there’s a reason for that.

You see, it's not enough for us to be happy.

We want to be happy, and ‘know’ that we’re happy.

Which comes along with the price of being miserable, and knowing we’re miserable.

But what if we knew the knower.

The person behind the eyes.

The one who tastes the taste. Who sees the seen.

Him for whom the body turns vibrations into sound. Water into wet. Wood into hard and cotton into soft.

The experiencer who experiences all that being experienced.

Enquiring into the nature of this person could reveal that he may be very transparent. This idea being drawn from the fact that we are able to discern color, only because the lenses of our eyes are colorless.

So, for said person to be able to experience everything distinctly, he must himself be transparent in all the ways possible. Including shape and form. That is, that he’s probably formless.

We’ll call this person, “The Self.”

Now this idea of the self sounds very much like the soul, or the spirit.

So maybe it’s you.

Maybe that’s who you really are.

An impartial entity, at ease with all that goes around and comes around in the whole world.

Now this self must be there from the very beginning. From your very first experience, whether you remember it or not. Because just how a tree, fallen in the forest, can not make a sound unless somebody hears it, there can not be any experience without somebody to experience it.

Then why are you and the self different?

The problem might actually be somewhere along the lines of identification.

There’s this story of a sage who tells a man to go into a dark cave, and repeat over and over that he’s a cow; for three days straight, without food or sleep. At the end of the third day, the sage goes into the cave and finds the man transformed into a cow. He could no longer talk, he mooed. He tried to exit the cave but the very exit he had previously used to enter was too thin for a cow, so now he couldn’t leave.

Now the man hadn’t really morphed into a cow. He just began believing it.

The moral here is that if you repeat a lie over and over enough times, people actually start believing it.

And just that way, our surroundings have continuously repeated lies about who we are, and now we believe that we are who we were told we are. Name, address and phone number.

This lie is called the ego. It’s an image we’ve created of ourselves based on all our past experiences.

It’s who we are now. Because we believe it.

This is possible because the brain works in a comparative manner, in that it compares new information with the old, to produce results.

So if someone treats us badly, we become sad or angry or depressed, because according to the ego, we are someone who deserves to be treated well.

Thus this conflict between how it should be and how it is, is what leads to anxiety and depression and so on.

Of course it’s all a lie. You don’t actually exist.

The ego is just made up.

So as soon as you dissolve this fake image, you’ll realize immediately that you’re only consciousness. Pure. Very, very pure consciousness. And this "Self" of which we spoke, is really this consciousness.

You are only consciousness.

Now theoretically, this dissolving of the ego seems easy. It isn’t. Because of the simple question of,

"Who is battling who?"

In that we’re battling against ourselves and expecting to win.

It’s us against us. The real me versus the made up me.

And be warned that it’s really quite dangerous to pursue this path and think this way. As if there’s a good me and a bad me within my own head. This is the path to the mental ward.

So we must tread carefully. And Gurus are a necessity.

And although we’d never honor ourselves by calling ourselves a guru, that nonetheless is one aspect of what Primrose hopes to be. Someone who can help a little on your path to self realization.

There won’t be teaching, there will be answering. Of questions big and small. Answers helpful and confusing. Derived from observations glorious and mundane. And an attempt to create in your mind what the Chinese call “The Great Doubt.”

We do this with the hope that you’ll feel attracted towards the path of spirituality and make a sincere attempt to discover yourself.

The Self.

Because in fact each birth is unique. And we’re all here for a purpose. And no two purposes are alike.

So if we find our True Selves, we’ll do exactly what we were put on this earth to do, and that to Primrose is the Great Liberation.

Hari Om

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