Chapter One. 'The Fall Of Man'

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

“You cannot enter the gates of heaven until you’ve become again as a child.”

Biblical verses contain hidden meanings and I happen to know a few of those.

Now I started with children because no matter how old we are, we were all children once, except Benjamin Button, and so it’s easier to share on a common ground.

Now then. Why are children innocent? And what compels them to lose their innocence?

Children are innocent because they’re unaware of the idea of loss and gain.

I mean why do people of any age lie at all if not to gain some advantage. In one form or another.

For children, this advantage is generally composed of either wanting to do something that they’re not allowed to do, because the idea that there are some things in this world that were created just to not be done is beyond them, and the other is that they don’t want to be yelled at, which is because their memory only contains affection, thus their ego mechanism constructs their image to be of a someone who is always loved. Hence anything other than affection, attention and love, boggles their heads. So they lie when there’s a possibility of being yelled at if the truth got out.

In that way, they understand the idea of loss and gain.

Such is their introduction to duality.

And so begins "The Fall of Man.”

The loss of innocence, brought on with the knowledge of knowledge.

As a matter of fact Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden, and were indifferent about it, until they ate the apple and obtained the knowledge of good and bad, and suddenly they experienced “shame,” and so covered themselves with leaves.

That is the curse of knowledge. Awareness. Which diminishes our spontaneity.

Now children do all sorts of funny things. They jump and dance and make all kinds of funny noises, and parents find it highly amusing, and so ask their children to repeat all those actions in the presence of others.

But the idea that they're being watched induces a sense of self-consciousness, and the children are no longer able to do whatever they did before, when they were free from the feeling of being watched, or judged.

So they try and improvise and mess up.

Now then the parents, desiring the same amusement, tell their children to do whatever they were doing before as if they weren't being watched at all.

Which in other words could be put as, "we command you to do something and it will only be acceptable to us if you did it voluntarily."

Now that is, challenging, to say the least, and also plants the seed of self-doubt.

So to speak when the child tries to repeat his previous actions, he simply can not do it without being highly self-conscious.

In constant agony over whether or not he's doing precisely what he was doing earlier.

Whether or not what he's doing now is as good as it was before.

And the reason behind such care, is because for children, everything feels like the end of the world.

And that kills spontaneity.

And thus ends innocence.

Because now they're no longer free.

There's no longer only action. There's now an audience.

And since the parents are the first audience, the children make it a default, that the pleasure and the approval of the audience, is greater than the freedom of their action.

Hence they forget the energy that was expressing itself through their actions in the first place.

And so they begin thinking, instead of only doing.

That's how they lose the art of letting go and letting God.

Which in other words is letting it all happen as it wants to happen.

It all ends when they begin holding on.

Now unfortunately, we're not supposed to try and manipulate. We're supposed to 'get with it.'

The energy.

Inherent in this energy is knowledge, which already knows the best possible means of expression.

So it's really quite impossible for great athletes and people like Bobby Fischer and Ramanujan to answer how they did what they did.

They didn't. They only 'got with it.' Let it guide them.

As a matter of fact, Ramanujan credited Mahalakshmi and Narasimha for his equations.

By which he referred to the knowledge aspect of this energy of which I spoke.

Letting this energy, however it may wish to manifest, flow through you, is in fact what genius is.

Now we've lost it, but that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. We’re not supposed to lose our innocence and call it a day, we’re supposed to regain it if we wish to enter the Gates of Heaven.

So we enquire about the nature of innocence.

The nature of innocence is essentially understanding this mysterious force that underlies all of creation. That of which we all are born. Of that which we become again after death. It is One Absolute.

Thus all of creation is but a different aspect or version of the same energy.

Thus the duality of things being nothing but a misperception.

Positive and negative, gain and loss, likes and dislikes, all are but two sides of the same coin. And it stays the same coin no matter which way you flip it.

And so it's about the elimination of this misperception of duality.

Thus children treat everyone alike. And don't restrict themselves from talking to anyone.

They already know everyone's the same.

And innocence, thus, is being indifferent to all the things that could possibly cause a bias and tamper with the unrestricted flow of genius.

Children, being unconditioned, know nothing that could tamper with the flow of this energy.

So, what the Bible means by “to become again as a child,” is that you must re-realize the knowledge of this energy, or the Absolute. The ‘that’ which underlies all creation. Which connects the inside and the outside and makes them one. Because you can't have one without the other.

Simply put you must erase all conditioning. All the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years, in the interest of Lao Tzu's, "a scholar tries to learn something everyday, and man of Dao tries to unlearn something daily."

Thus an unconditioned man will regain his innocence. And in doing so, will regain his genius.

Henceforth shall open the Gates of Heaven.

'Life isn’t something you’re supposed to control.

Life resembles a river. Rather a dancing river.

And we need to ‘get with it.’ Wherever it may take us, and however.

Know that you are not a fluke, your existence is very intentional.

Thus, how could that which made you, ever abandon you.

It will look after you.

Trust it.'

Hari Om.

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