Maitreya Avhad

Led By Heart

Somehow all of life seems very interconnected.

As though it's all a different aspect of the same thing.

One thing, having disguised itself into different shapes and forms and paths of life.

Playing hide and seek with itself.

Now I'm not the first one to feel this way. People from far before Christ have suspected this to be the ultimate philosophy of life.

And yet it continues, in all it's glory. 

Now although it may in fact all be game, like actors on a stage, it still is undeniably amusing. But we've all got different roles to play, and also have the unique talent required to excel at our very own parts.

So we must be careful not to play somebody else's role, otherwise life becomes a terrible bore. 

Now of course we all know who we're supposed to be, but lust and misperception have derailed us. So now we must rediscover ourselves.

Behold Primrose and it's spiritual commentary.

Here to play the role of helping people rediscover themselves by allowing them to  develop a spiritual outlook.

So we all may do what we're born to do. 

So that's our mission. To help you in your mission.

Hari Om.